Cool Vienna tours offered in company with a professional photographer for best pictures…

Make your Vienna trip (for international and national visitors) even more special by being part of tour through the city accompanied with a professional photographer. The tour lasts approx. 4 hours and is priced at EUR 35 per person. You will get the chance to see the most important sights plus some beautiful non-touristy best of Vienna spots. The photographer will guide you on best angles, lightning etc. Make sure to see the best that Vienna has to offer + take home beautiful pictures….

Finally bring home something unique from your Vienna trip!

Visit “Waren aus Omi’s Zeit” just around the corner from our Market Square Apartment, and 5 minute walk from the Urban Apartment. You will find lots of cool antiques ranging from books, clothes, porcelain, glasses, furniture and much more.

The name translates “stuff from grandma’s time”, and the shop is open as follows:

Thursdays 8am-noon
Fridays 8am-5pm
Satudays 8am-noon

The exact address is Weyprechtgasse 8-10, 1160Vienna.