Electrolyte Repair of Permelec electrode plate for electrolysis machines

Electrolyte World pioneered the maintenance and repair of electrode plates of alkaline ionized water electrolysis machines, drinking water generators in Japanese hospitals.
In mid-April, 2018, World Electrolysis opened the first service center for alkaline ionized water generators in Vietnam and became the genuine warranty representative of major electrolyte manufacturers. and world famous. In June 2018, the TGDD Service Center achieved a major development, becoming the first and only center in Vietnam to have enough capacity for warranty and repair of electrode plates.

Currently, the issue of warranty and repair of electrolytes in Vietnam has not developed. The electrode plate is the heart of the alkaline ion water purifiers electrolysis machine, made of precious metal (titanium coated with platinum). This is the most important part that needs to be serviced. In the past, faults related to electrode plates had to be brought to Japan for repair, as this is a very expensive part and requires very high repair techniques.

The platinum-coated titanium electrode plate is at the heart of the alkaline ionized water machine
The better the quality of the electrode plates and the more electrode plates there are, the better the quality of potable water will be. However, if the quality of the electrode plate decreases, the quality of water will also decrease. Most electrode plates of the major electrolyte manufacturers in the world are supplied by Permelec Electrode (Japan).

Permelec Electrode (also known as De Nora Permelec) is the world’s No. 1 electrode sheet manufacturer established in 1965. Permelec’s high quality electrode plates are used in hundreds of technology and electronics fields. for world-famous multinational corporations such as Samsung, LG … The electrode plate manufacturing segment for Permelec’s alkaline ionized water electrolysis industry has been world famous for over 30 years. Permelec electrode sheet is durable and meets Japanese medical standards, bringing absolute peace of mind to consumers.

Permelec Electrode Group received a noble award from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Japanese Government.

World Electrolytic technology transfer technology repair and warranty Permelec electrode plate from many large corporations of Japan and Korea. In early June 2018, Panasonic Vietnam and Panasonic engineering delegation from Japan to Vietnam to visit the General Service Center and organize intensive technical training on electrode plates of electrolysis machines.

The Panasonic training course lasted nearly 3 weeks to transfer the entire array of in-depth knowledge of electrode plates to the technicians of the Electrolysis World. At present, in Vietnam, there are not any qualified companies to repair electrode plates. Electrolytic World is the only unit that Panasonic has trained to repair electrode plates.

Panasonic electrode plate repair training program of Japanese engineers took place successfully

Alkaline water ionizer, also known as alkaline ionized water purifier, Kangen water purifier has been in the world for more than half a century, especially popular in advanced countries such as Japan, USA, Korea, Canada. , Singapore, Germany, Australia …. However, this machine has only appeared in Vietnam for 5-6 years with a few world famous brands.

Alkaline water ionizer is an advanced drinking water purifier and purifier from Japanese hospitals. In 1965, the Japanese Ministry of Health issued a public statement on product number 763 to recognize the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water for health and encourage people to use this type of water purifiers to protect health and support treatment.

The alkaline ionized water, also known as Kangen water (Japanese) has 4 good health properties: natural alkalinity like green vegetables (pH 8.5-9.5), strong antioxidant (ORP reaches negative value , from -200 to -850), buy ro purifiers micro molecules of water (0.05 nano meters) and rich in essential natural minerals: Na, K, Mg, Ca …

World Electrolyte is the only unit distributing a diverse range of electrolytes and has a warranty, professional service, dedicated. With a system of electrolyte supermarkets across 3 regions, TGD is always ready to bring your family the best quality drinking water from Japan.

On the occasion of the opening of the warranty center, Dien Dien Dien dedicated a special customer appreciation program when buying electrolytes from April 16 – July 31, 2018, with a total value of the program over 3.7 billion copper. View detailed program information HERE.

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