Local phone calls from www.sleepinginvienna.com

Our apartments feature free local phone calls to make your stay as convenient as possible. For taxi information, please visit the official Vienna Tourist Info Site @ http://www.vienna.info/en/travel-info/to-and-around/taxis. We usually call the following number for taxis - 01- 40100.

If calling from the phone at the apartment, you will just have to dial 40100. If you are calling from a mobile phone or outside Vienna, then dial 01-40100. If you are calling from outside the country, make sure to add the Austrian country code of +43 and leave off the 0. The above number would be dialed as follows 0043 1 401 100 or from the States and Canada 011 43 1 401 100.

If you are confused, just send us an email @ info@sleepinginvienna.com for more info.